Online Subscription for the MPI Architectural Painting Decision Tree™
One Year Subscription $375.00
Two Year Subscription $675.00
Note: Current subscribers of the Online Specification Manuals, please CONTACT US for discounted options.

The new Decision Tree Tools offers a digital interactive guide that prompts users to select the most suitable coatings system and approved products. Optimized for desktop/tablet use.

These tools are designed to encompass all of the variables in a project and significantly reduce the manual effort needed to meet and select the appropriate coatings system. Optimized for desktop/tablet use.

After going through the steps making your selections you will get to the final page where you will receive:
  • A list of the chosen systems, and corresponding MPI APL #.
  • The MPI Approved products based on the system choices, that you can then filter by manufacturer, green options, and other filters.
  • A downloadable/editable paint finishing schedule, with the products that make up the chosen systems.
  • A complete tailored Interior and/or Exterior specification downloadable word document, that includes your project details and chosen systems.

MPI Architectural Painting Decision Tree™ tool takes you through the following steps to a tailored specification:

  • Project Form
  • Setting (Interior or Exterior)
  • Substrate
  • Surface (Subtype)
  • Surface Information and Options
  • Conditions
  • Desired Finish
  • Performance Criteria
  • Grade Selection
  • Save Selection
  • Project Details

Purchase both MPI Architectural Painting and Restoration Repainting Decision Tree™ tools together at a discounted rate
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