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PRODUCT NAME: MPI #17 Primer, Bonding, Water Based
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Primer, Bonding, Water Based
A water based, emulsion type, pigmented primer used on various types of problematic surfaces (such as cured glossy alkyd finishes, plastics, fiberglass and laminates) to promote adhesion of subsequent coating(s) in areas where solvent fumes may pose a health or safety problem. Primarily used in re-paint work over intact, previous coatings. Topcoats specified over this primer include conventional latex and alkyd paints and for interior surfaces MPI # 151,153 or 154 W.B. Light Industrial Coating (formerly MPI #110) or for exterior surfaces MPI #161,163,164 W.B. Light Industrial Coating (formerly MPI #110), as required. Used in residential, commercial, institutional and public locations. This primer is not intended for use over bare cedar or redwood or any other woods containing extractable staining materials. Application methods will include using brushes, rollers, and airless and conventional spray equipment. Specifiers and users are directed to refer to manufacturers specific recommendations and limitations.