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PRODUCT NAME: MPI #60 Floor Paint, Latex, Low Gloss
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Floor Paint, Latex, Low Gloss
An abrasion-resistant, latex type, pigmented paint for new interior and exterior horizontal concrete and primed wood surfaces not prone to water permeation from below. Coating must be alkali and water resistant to incidental splash and spillage. Primarily specified for use in low to medium traffic, residential and commercial locations. Surface preparation requires removal of all previous sealers and water retaining materials applied to the surface. Smooth concrete must be acid etched. Designed to be used with or without non-slip aggregate. Application methods will include using brushes, rollers, and airless and conventional spray equipment.

Additional Information

Characteristics reviewed include hiding power and gloss levels of maximum 25 units @ 60, accelerated weathering, flexibility, water and abrasion resistance.