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PRODUCT NAME: MPI #20 Primer, Zinc Rich, Epoxy
  PRICE $24.26



Primer, Zinc Rich, Epoxy
A solvent based, two or three component, epoxy type anti-corrosive primer for cleaned new or repaired ferrous metal surfaces exposed to moderate industrial or marine environments. Must be top-coated to attain maximum protective qualities. Specified top coats include for interior surfaces MPI # 151,153 or 154 W.B. Light Industrial Coating (formerly MPI #110) or for exterior surfaces MPI #161,163,164 W.B. Light Industrial Coating (formerly MPI #110), MPI# 77 Cold Cure Epoxy and MPI # 98 and #108 High Build Epoxy. Minimum recommended surface preparation is SSPC SP-6 Commercial Blast, but in some repainting work, hand or power tool cleaning may be the maximum attainable. Application is primarily airless and conventional spray, but brushes or rollers may be used for small detail or touch-up work.