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PRODUCT NAME: Inspection - Professional Education and Knowledge Appraisal (PEKA Assessment)
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Note: MPI Level 1, Level 2a, Level 2b and Level 3 successful completion required before requesting this assessment. Description:After Completion of Level 3 – Inspector Level, the student will have the opportunity to apply for the PEKA Assessment, which is required to become an MPI Accredited Architectural Inspector.

Criteria Required:
All of the following criteria is mandatory to become an MPI Accredited Architectural Inspector:
Professional Experience:

  • Minimum of ten years in the paint industry
  • Equivalent of TQ (Tradesman Qualifications) - (experience and certification in the paint industry)
  • Minimum of Grade 12 education
  • Strong computer skills and ease with various computer programs
  • Supervisory skills (ability to guide and instruct as well as control situations)

PEKA Assessment
The application will consist of a professional resume and should include all past paint industry history and certifications. Once the application has been approved, the candidate will be given 5 case studies (2 Architectural and 3 Maintenance Repainting) to review and complete. The case studies will be evaluated and if necessary the candidate will be asked to have a formal meeting (in person, by phone or by Zoom) with MPI technical representatives.

Accreditation Received: MPI Accredited Architectural Coating Inspector
After the successful completion of the Level 3 training and the PEKA Assessment, the candidate will be awarded the title of MPI Accredited Architectural Coating Inspector.

MPI Inspection ID number
The MPI Accredited Architectural Coating Inspector will receive an MPI Inspection ID number. The Inspector’s name and ID number will be posted on the MPI website for the entire time he/she remains certified.

Re-Accreditation (every 3 years) – The inspector will be required to show proof that he or she has been active in the architectural inspection field (written specifications, consultations, inspection reports, etc.).

The inspector will also be required to complete 2 to 3 case studies for review.