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PRODUCT NAME: Maintenance Repainting
  PRICE $1,364.34 CAD



MPIís Level 2B training is the definitive course on maintenance repainting with a focus on how to assure success and avoid costly do-overs when working on buildings and commercial/institutional structures. 

Note: MPI Level 1 Essentials of Paint and Painting Technology successful completion required before starting this course.

Topics Covered:

  • How to write basic paint specifications for maintenance projects
  • Identify common flaws and defects in existing coatings/substrates
  • Evaluate existing condition of 25 of the most commonly used architectural substrates with MPIís DSD (Degree of Surface Degradation) System
  • How to select an appropriate system depending on substrate, DSD level of existing coating and exposure environment
  • Best practices for surface preparation
  • Basic quality control techniques

Course Format:Course is online. Exam is online and requires photo ID and Zoom
Duration:90 days to complete exam from date of registration
Exam Format:Proctored exam, taken online via Zoom
Minimum Passing Grade:75% or greater to pass
Prerequisites: MPI Level 1 Essentials of Paint and Painting Technology
Required for: MPI Level 3 Inspection
Accreditation Received:Maintenance Coating Specialist (MCS)
Upon successful completion of this course, graduates will receive:

  • MCS accreditation and badge to use in email signatures.
  • MPIís Identifiers and Defects.